Amazon will soon launch its own Whatsapp rival to order food and isolate bills

The users of Whatsapp can now download the recent update on their Android and Apple devices which involves a combination of new features. The Whatsapp messaging app now allows its users to send documents any type of during the chats. In earlier days, files that could be sent using Whatsapp were restricted to normal PDF documents, but now the only limitation is the file size. Whatsapp discloses that the documents of about 100MB can now be directed which should smoothly be enough for the normal user. Other new features contain the capacity to pin contacts to the top of chat lists and several photos can now be sent and deleted quickly all at once.

With these upgrades, it’s also thought that several new features could be introduced soon which includes the option to send and play YouTube videos inside the app. Whatsapp is still the world’s best popular messaging app and these new combinations could come at an n early stage as rumors are popular that it’s likely to get some genuine competition from Amazon.

The online e-commerce giant is likely to be planning a competitor messaging service which could appear on devices as possible by the end of this year. The app will let users chat without the help of a phone number. Rather, it will make use of Amazon account details to sign in and make conversation. Video and voice calls could also be combined as well as the capability, to sum up, effects and filters to photos before it is sent. The messaging service is not an easy task to break with Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Apple’s Messages where it all has a unique fan base. Somehow, one area where Amazon could wear out its competitor is with an ad-free business.

Whatsapp is the only feature out of Facebook’s several platforms that do not feature attention. Facebook and Instagram at present do and Facebook Messenger has started testing the water with it. The social networking giant said they have started making ads on its Messenger app on the whole.

Whatsapp will soon launch Picture-in-Picture option for Video Calling

Whatsapp goes from a text messaging app to a video calling app since a year, but it doesn’t likely to be done with the feature at present. The app seems to set to get picture-in-picture service, a new feature that lets the user make video calls more available in case users need to carry on chatting when they make a video call. The new Whatsapp picture-in-picture option for video calling has been speckled in app version 2.17.265 running on the Smartphone. This combines to the growing list of Whatsapp features announced or spotted testing in the year 2017.

As per the message using WABetaInfo, which has a good indication record when it appears to details of upcoming Whatsapp features, the PIP mode in the Whatsapp app was speckled on version 2.17.265 of the smartphone app and was excited by default on Android O developer preview. WABetaInfo even made clear that Android 8.0 O has an individual API that was passed down by Whatsapp for making use of this feature. From the image shared, it is not clear that Whatsapp users will be capable to move this PIP window everywhere around the screen or it will hold at a fixed position. Even more, it is uncertain if the video conversation will endure in PIP mode if users shift to other apps.
We need to wait for this feature to appear widely to get more accuracy, but this entirely seems like an interesting feature that can turn out to be of use to all Whatsapp users on a smartphone, if it is launched well.

With the help of PIP mode, users of Whatsapp will get the availability to carry on the chat using video chat while browsing through their chat messages. As this feature has been speckled on Android, we need to wait and visualize if it will make its path to iPhone as well. Whatsapp for iPhone got a renovation that brings features like the capability to pin chats, share several file type, and much more. The app was also likely to bring an additional feature which is the ability to play Whatsapp videos by not leaving the app.

Whatsapp make pay of £2.5 million for distributing data with Facebook

The most popular social media application, Whatsapp plays an important role in sharing of information with their beloved ones. The application is mostly used since it has a great responsibility towards privacy policies.
Whatsapp declared in August 2016 its determination to update the terms and privacy policy so that, as soon as the new Ts&Cs are approved, they will be capable of sharing some user data with their parent firm. The most important reason why they have taken such a decision to imply it was, in compliments to their blog, that integrating more with Facebook, we’ll be capable of doing things like to keep tracking the basic metrics about how frequently people use this services and improved fight spam on Whatsapp. Facebook can provide improved friend suggestions and disclose you more appropriate advertisements if you have an account with them. For instance, you might examine an advertisement from a firm you previously work with, instead of one from someone you’ve never heard about. Most importantly, the sharing of Whatsapp user’s information with Facebook would have let Facebook provide more intended advertising to Facebook users that were also Whatsapp users.

The conduct asserted by the Italian Competition Administration

The prospect calls out by the Italian Competition government, that has also an authority on arbitrary monetary practices, was that as if users were brought about to rely on to be contradicted to share their information with Facebook by obeying in full the new Terms of Use, as alternatively the service would have been disrupted.

On the Other side, it was desirable for Whatsapp users to partly obey the new Terms of Use, by not in concert to share their data with Facebook. Such benefits were not accessible on the acknowledgment page though, but only in a consecutive page which was handy just to users that were getting on the link to the Terms of Use in order to view their contents.

Once they were able to do it, they would have examined that the option of their settings

Once they were doing it, they would have noticed that the option of their settings was set previously to authorize the sharing of their data with Facebook. The condition of the Italian competition government was that such conduct reveals a hostile economic practice under the terms of the Italian Consumers’ Code, carrying out, amidst others, the European Unfair economical Practices Directive and due to that it circulated a € 3 million fine contrary to Whatsapp.
In general, the controversy of the Italian Competition Authority were it is not appropriate that the disputed behavior has also some privacy based indication as its authority is based on the law that the same behavior is an intrusive economical practice and there is no constraint of the same accounts in this one the Italian Consumers Code and the Italian Privacy Code.

The disputed conduct relates to an economical practice as the shared data is an economical asset because through them Facebook is likely to increase its advertising profits; and the disputed management was intrusive as it was significantly restricting the freedom of choice of consumers by making them take a most important decision that might not have taken in another way. Whatsapp has now revealed to have postponed the sharing of data with Facebook across the European Union, but this interruption did not avert the concern of the penalty.

The requirement of the new Whatsapp Terms of Use that were confronted

It is important that in a parallel undertaking the Italian Competition administration considered unfair and as a result unfounded the following requirements of the new Whatsapp Terms of Use responsibility exception that were deliberated too expensive. The feasibility for Whatsapp to cut short the service beyond the reason or advance notice; a right accepted to Whatsapp to stop the agreement in any moment and for any analysis and not granting any more users to use the services, by not allowing the same right to the users. The right bestowed to Whatsapp to begin changes, also of monetary nature, to the Terms of Use by not signifying in the bargain the reasons of such alterations and without chartering relevant mechanisms for appraising user’s consumer about them, altogether with the silent approval provisions.

The remark to the laws of the State of California as ruling the law and the reference to the courts of the U.S. District Court or the State Court of California for argument; the right accepted to Whatsapp to stop “orders” by not granting any refunds for the services provided, without clearing up the assets by which those conduct would be accomplished; the ubiquity of the English version of the agreement over the Italian version acknowledged by Italian users. Some of the sections listed above are a kind of market basis and thereby this case is a good lesson for the lawyers and also for the future.

The large penalty announced by the Italian Competition Authority with respect to Whatsapp might not be the deadline of their concern with Italian authorities on the matter. Rather, the Italian Privacy Authorization also revealed to have evoked an undertaking on the same issue.

The penalties that will be brought in by the European General Data Protection Regulation are not in place yet, but the Italian Privacy Authority at present proven that, also under the present rule, it can subject very large penalties with the € 11 million sanction announced some months ago. At that time, the usual penalty was augmented per 1,076 afflicted individual people who make the significance of the fine that might be probably issued against Whatsapp is really colossal.

A watchdog in Italy gives a penalty of about £2.5 million for Whatsapp for supposedly urging the users to share their secret data with Facebook which was dominated by Facebook in 2014 and two years since it brought a new term of service that gave a Facebook approach to Whatsapp user’s data. A spokesman for Whatsapp disclosed that we’re inspecting the decision and we come in front to come back to officials. The utmost fine is £4.24 million that the Italian organization could have imposed. When Whatsapp was owned by Facebook, it disclosed its users to respect for your privacy is systemized into our DNA, and we fabricated Whatsapp around the aim of knowing as limited as possible.
The Italian watchdog revealed other facets of the much popular Whatsapp were arbitrary, such as the obscure breach to service and only the firm owner being able to stop the concurrence.

The German authorities outlawed Facebook from gathering data on its Whatsapp users in the country as it was found to have breached data protection rules. The regulator initiated an analysis into the argument last year. When the analysis was first opened, a Whatsapp spokeswoman disclosed the firm was working with data protection expert to sort out any concern and would honor the law. Whatsapp is used around one billion people in several countries and has been in the middle of a privacy concern as it was seized by Facebook in 2014. The service desired to offer a fast, simple and secure messaging service for free all over the globe. The US-based mobile messaging service has newly enjoyed with its video call function.

EU has penalty of $120 million for Facebook, rather than the Whatsapp

In the current scenario, the Social Media of Facebook and Whatsapp are acting as a messaging app to deliver and share the information. It is currently dominating the world by its efficient features and features which are introduced in an advanced manner. This social media owned messaging app has been spread around the world and it reveals certain rules and regulations towards the online conversation. Especially, this service has been established in Europe and distributes some advantages towards the communication.

Comparing to the Whatsapp, the Facebook has earned $120 million by its misleading performance. Up to now, this social media has most of the users through the mobile application. The messaging app of Whatsapp is imposing by the biggest penalty, nowadays. In addition to the advanced features and techniques, the required task of the user is achieved successfully.

A recent survey states that the messaging app of Whatsapp is an efficient one to transmit the information. In the year of 2014, 19 million Facebook acquisitions arrive when comparing with Facebook. Every Whatsapp account requires contact number of the user who is accessing this service through online. EU merger acquisition of Facebook is misleading than the Whatsapp by which we can communicate with others.

Eventually, we have to know that the EU has fined $120 million because of the online conversation. Europe’s merger process reviewed the technical and automatic possibilities very effectively. There are so many technical objections was introduced by the Europe Government. The annual turnover is increasing by 1 percent for each year.

Whatsapp’s trendy feature for pinning the chats on the platform of Android

The messaging app of Whatsapp has been established one new technique which is used for pinning the chats. Whatsapp is currently dominating the world by its advanced features and specifications. We can pin or unpin the chats which are demanded by the user and the online conversation can be updated through a mobile application. There are some indispensable terms and conditions are available in the mobile application to achieve the desired task of the user.

In the online conversation, the important chats can be easily achieved with respect to the specifications. The contacts and groups are allowed to chat with each other by this mobile application. This service makes the functions to ignore the notifications which are updating the every action of this service. There is no consideration if we want to mute the conversation; we can perform it easily through online.

Pinning the chats in Whatsapp will be accomplished on Android platform which is used by most of the people. In fact, a number of implementations are established on the mobile application through which we can share the information and communicate with others. The mobile application will run on the specific platform like internet operating system and Android etc.

Whatsapp is also distributing the unsend feature for the text and we can pin the long term conversation through online. It can be achieved by tapping the option and holding the chat for pinning the conversation. The messaging app of Whatsapp has efficiently accomplished on the iPhone platform already. Now it is trying to exist on the Android platform to achieve the desired task towards the online conversation.