Amazon will soon launch its own Whatsapp rival to order food and isolate bills

The users of Whatsapp can now download the recent update on their Android and Apple devices which involves a combination of new features. The Whatsapp messaging app now allows its users to send documents any type of during the chats. In earlier days, files that could be sent using Whatsapp were restricted to normal PDF documents, but now the only limitation is the file size. Whatsapp discloses that the documents of about 100MB can now be directed which should smoothly be enough for the normal user. Other new features contain the capacity to pin contacts to the top of chat lists and several photos can now be sent and deleted quickly all at once.

With these upgrades, it’s also thought that several new features could be introduced soon which includes the option to send and play YouTube videos inside the app. Whatsapp is still the world’s best popular messaging app and these new combinations could come at an n early stage as rumors are popular that it’s likely to get some genuine competition from Amazon.

The online e-commerce giant is likely to be planning a competitor messaging service which could appear on devices as possible by the end of this year. The app will let users chat without the help of a phone number. Rather, it will make use of Amazon account details to sign in and make conversation. Video and voice calls could also be combined as well as the capability, to sum up, effects and filters to photos before it is sent. The messaging service is not an easy task to break with Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Apple’s Messages where it all has a unique fan base. Somehow, one area where Amazon could wear out its competitor is with an ad-free business.

Whatsapp is the only feature out of Facebook’s several platforms that do not feature attention. Facebook and Instagram at present do and Facebook Messenger has started testing the water with it. The social networking giant said they have started making ads on its Messenger app on the whole.