Whatsapp will soon launch Picture-in-Picture option for Video Calling

Whatsapp goes from a text messaging app to a video calling app since a year, but it doesn’t likely to be done with the feature at present. The app seems to set to get picture-in-picture service, a new feature that lets the user make video calls more available in case users need to carry on chatting when they make a video call. The new Whatsapp picture-in-picture option for video calling has been speckled in app version 2.17.265 running on the Smartphone. This combines to the growing list of Whatsapp features announced or spotted testing in the year 2017.

As per the message using WABetaInfo, which has a good indication record when it appears to details of upcoming Whatsapp features, the PIP mode in the Whatsapp app was speckled on version 2.17.265 of the smartphone app and was excited by default on Android O developer preview. WABetaInfo even made clear that Android 8.0 O has an individual API that was passed down by Whatsapp for making use of this feature. From the image shared, it is not clear that Whatsapp users will be capable to move this PIP window everywhere around the screen or it will hold at a fixed position. Even more, it is uncertain if the video conversation will endure in PIP mode if users shift to other apps.
We need to wait for this feature to appear widely to get more accuracy, but this entirely seems like an interesting feature that can turn out to be of use to all Whatsapp users on a smartphone, if it is launched well.

With the help of PIP mode, users of Whatsapp will get the availability to carry on the chat using video chat while browsing through their chat messages. As this feature has been speckled on Android, we need to wait and visualize if it will make its path to iPhone as well. Whatsapp for iPhone got a renovation that brings features like the capability to pin chats, share several file type, and much more. The app was also likely to bring an additional feature which is the ability to play Whatsapp videos by not leaving the app.

Whatsapp’s trendy feature for pinning the chats on the platform of Android

The messaging app of Whatsapp has been established one new technique which is used for pinning the chats. Whatsapp is currently dominating the world by its advanced features and specifications. We can pin or unpin the chats which are demanded by the user and the online conversation can be updated through a mobile application. There are some indispensable terms and conditions are available in the mobile application to achieve the desired task of the user.

In the online conversation, the important chats can be easily achieved with respect to the specifications. The contacts and groups are allowed to chat with each other by this mobile application. This service makes the functions to ignore the notifications which are updating the every action of this service. There is no consideration if we want to mute the conversation; we can perform it easily through online.

Pinning the chats in Whatsapp will be accomplished on Android platform which is used by most of the people. In fact, a number of implementations are established on the mobile application through which we can share the information and communicate with others. The mobile application will run on the specific platform like internet operating system and Android etc.

Whatsapp is also distributing the unsend feature for the text and we can pin the long term conversation through online. It can be achieved by tapping the option and holding the chat for pinning the conversation. The messaging app of Whatsapp has efficiently accomplished on the iPhone platform already. Now it is trying to exist on the Android platform to achieve the desired task towards the online conversation.